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The Bill Blog
March 28, 2017

Bill & Johnny Depp

When US News & World Report contacted us last week about providing some financial planning advice, we didn't know it might involve Johnny Depp, lol, but the principles apply to the rest of us too.  Hopefully will help someone, and perhaps him as well...


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March 24, 2017




As you may know, we have written a best-selling financial book available on Amazon, or in our office, called "The 7.0% Solution".  Needless to say, this has led to numerous interviews by various media outlets, who wanted to report either information from our book, or a direct quote from us...below are some of the links to stories we have been quoted in.  We hope you find one or more of these articles helpful in your daily financial living...

Here is an article that uses info directly from our book, about how savers can earn more:


Here is an article about 10 successful Veteran-Owned businesses, we were asked to participate in:


Below is a link to a reading area of a professional service organization, that requested to have our book in their library, as a reference for their certified professionals:


Here is a link to a story quoting us about the timing of social security payments:


Below is a link to a story on Jim (Mad Money) Cramer's "TheStreet", about upcoming rule changes that affect all financial advisors and their clients - we also wrote about this in "The 7.0% Solution"


Here is a link to the book we have been talking about, if you live elsewhere:

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