Tax-Advantaged Financial Strategies

We believe that minimizing taxes are a legitimate way to improve your quality of life.  We can help you structure your finances and accounts in such a way that will help you keep more of the earnings your money produces.  Often times, we are able to increase your earnings while decreasing your taxes.  We will work with your/our accountants, to help ensure that you have your cake, and eat it tax-free as possible.

*Note:  We are not tax professionals, and do not prepare income tax returns.  We have had financial planning courses and tax-strategy courses for the purpose of developing  tax-advantaged financial plans, but this knowledge is limited to issues concerning financial assets.  Always consult a qualified professional for detailed tax questions.  If you do not have one, we can recommend some to you.  If you do have one, we are glad to consult and work with them, at your request, to help provide a more seamless plan for you and your family.