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This is the charitable arm of the Million Dollar Round Table, and organization I have been privileged to be a member of for several years.  There is a short video on this page, that gives you an idea of the types of charities we support through MDRT.

This is one of our favorite non-church local community charitable organizations, which we helped start, and serve on the board of directors.  They do alot of great stuff, and all the staff and directors are volunteers.  All monies used to operate the Lifeway Center, and all it's programs, come from donations, contributions from area churches, and occasional grants.  They are touching 20% of Salem every month, and helping transform this community into a better place to live.  Come by sometime, and check us out!

Since we work with lots of senior citizens, we thought it important to learn more about all aspects of their lives.  We were one of the first financial planners in the area to earn the Certified Senior Advisor credential, and have benefitted from the useful information they help provide for our clients.  This page contains recommended reading materials from the CSA library, including the best-selling book "The 7.0% Solution"  written by Bill Stack.  This is only one of many topics we can help you work through.  If you have any questions, give us a call...will be glad to speak with you!

This page witll give you some useful definitions to words you may hear in the financial world, at your bank, investment brokerage, when looking at your financial statements, or talking with your financial planner.

This is a useful webpage for Seniors, and those who care about them.  It lists several informational web-links from one spot, about various programs available for Seniors of all ages.  We hope it is helpful to you !

Annuities, annuities.  This page allows you to see the difference between those annuities that are guaranteed, and others (variable) which are not.  When safety is an utmost concern, insist upon a fixed annuity.  Many of these types of accounts offer minimum rates higher than the maximum rates offered elsewhere.  We have worked with these for over 18 years, and can help you find the best ones that will meet your needs : )

This is a unit history of Armored Task Force Bandit (Bill's unit), during Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Desert Spear.  Written by Batallion Commander LTC Timothy J. Reischl.